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Brides from with other villages

Marriages in China in the past, tends to be between villages people in immediate area.  This is certainly the case for the Chau clan, and most of the brides came from the Xinhua and SzeYup area. However, only basic information about the bride’s village is kept on zupu.

Dawson Joe’s (周道生) wife, Leung (梁) home village is  小澤

Chau Dow Kock’s (周道覺) wife came from the village of   何村大岳

Chau Dow Foon’s (Chau Gun’s) (周道寬 ) 2nd wife Dang Ho (鄧好) came from the village of 澄古鎮

Chau Dow Foon (Chau Gun’s) (周道寬 ) 1st wife Louey Ngan Shim (呂銀嬋) came from the village of 小泽


A summary of some of the know villages of the brides of the Chau clan.



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