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Gold fields notes

The survey included eight major mining centres. These are listed together with the Chinese names used by the miners.

  • Bendigo             大金山, 品地溝
  • Balarat                巴拉辣, 叭拉辣, 巴辣, 孖辣
  • Beechworth    茵陳坑, 必自活
  • Castlemaine    加市哏
  • Ararat                 亞辣
  • Daylesford
  • Maryborough 陜慎
  • Avoca

As gold fields are scattered over a geographic area, the survey had grouped these into districts. Please note that

  • Beechworth included all Buckland Ovens river area.
  • Balarat statistics also included Smythesdale.
  • Dalyesford district also include the Blackwood, Hepburn area.
  • Mopoke, Baker’s Creek, Golden Point and Diamond Gully were counted as Castlemaine.
  • Bendigo was then referred to as Sandhurst.

There were other gold fields that were not recorded in the survey. These included Stawell, Nine Mice Creek, Maldon, Yackandandat and Geelong.


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