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Contact and acknowledgement

The research on Way Lee’s life has been a continuous journey for the author Patricia Monaghan-Jamieson.  In this, Al Chinn, Guo Meifen and the late Kevin Wong Hoy had been instrumental in starting her on this journey.

Credit must be given to its authors of the monograph “Way Lee 100 years on”.

  • Roger L Burritt
  • Dylan Walker
  • Amanda J Carter

Special notes must be made to Wilson Tso, a Chinese scholar who assisted in historical reference research for this blog.


About the Author

This blog was based on library and archive research, interviews and field visits in Dongguan.  It is the collaborative work of two authors.

Andrew Wong ,      Digital marketer and family historian at Melbourne Chinese Museum

Patricia Monaghan-Jamieson,  Researcher and Great granddaughter of Yett Way Lee


Early Chinese migrants