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Yip clan Family burial plot

Way Lee’s ancestors are mostly buried in a clan cemetery near his village.   There would be 30 to 50 graves in this area.   The grave of the progenitor Yip Wing Ching, Way Lee’s great grandfather, and a number of key individuals in his family history can be found there.

This family plot is on the side of a hill – Ley Mo Lang 犂雾岭, about one kilometre from the village temple.    The site faces one of the tributary of the Pearl River.  It would have offered a view, had it not been for the recent building developments.


Graves from Yip clan family plot on Ley Mo Lang 犂雾岭


Example of a multi-burial grave. Grave tablets made reference to generation sequence from the family zupu.


Some of the clan’s history has been engraved in memorial tablets.   


The burial plot is classified as cultural and historical site.  It is protected under State regulations, and administered by the Dongguan Culture and Historical Protection department.


Yip clan family plot (progenitor Yip Wing Ching) on Ley Mo Lang 犂雾岭

The grave stones and the surrounds are generally well maintained.   This site is visited by descendants of the Yip clan in major festivals.



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